Snowball Cannon (Sven Coop Christmas Map 2019)

Hey there people,

I wanna quickly show you what I’ve been doing for the last .. 8 days. Some guys from Sven Coop are doing a Christmas map this year and I volunteered to create a snowball cannon. Now I made it far enough to show you some results:

Final Viewmodel of the Snow Ball Launcher

So this is the final version of something that could be a snow ball cannon. I used an actual confetti gun as a reference. Would you believe me those babies cost 750€ ? Holy s****. Anyway…

Animation in Blender

It has been some time since I last modelled, rigged and animated something for Goldsource in Blender, so I had to start small again. When I finally figured out how to export actual working SMDs for reference and animation, I repeatedly stumbled across some weird occurances of misaligned bones and/or mesh data, which would effectively mess up all the animation on a regular but not really traceable basis.

Blender IK Rigging (Yeah, shake it!)

The trick to avoid this (so far) was to always export reference meshes individually with the Blender Source plugin, never export them all at once, like an even lazier version of me.

What suprised me positively was the fact that the author of the Blender Source Plugin finally decided to add Goldsource support somewhen around 2016 or so (yes, I missed that back then).

What did I use?

  • Blender 274 / 279
  • Blender Source Tools
  • Photoshop CS3
  • Sven Coop StudioMDL.exe (FYI it can be found in the Sven Coop SDK folder)
  • Arm Mesh/Tex from Opposing Force + Glove Texture by Hezus

Working Files

For those of you who wanna look at it, please feel free to download the source files:



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