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This program generates curve objects from Goldsource map files.

Main features:

  • Turns map files into arcs or ramps or extrudes them along paths.
  • Preservation of original texture shifts and alignments.
  • Export to *.map and *.obj file format.
  • Triangulation.
  • Vertex coordinate rounding to integer numbers.
  • Creates compilable brushes either way (floating point or integer coordinates).
  • Can use different methods for texturing and brush generation.

What it can NOT do (yet):

  • There’s NO graphical user interface (GUI) yet! This might come when all main features are finished and stable.
  • Process fixed objects like lamps or beams in a hallway for example. This will definitely be added in a future update.
  • Process point entities. Also: Future update.
  • Process texture alignments that are not square (0,90,180,270).

Please report any bugs and feature request to my E-Mail (totacATwebDOTde), including the specific files
(map and config file) and other relevant information (e.g. Operating System).

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