Path_Corner Settings

Path_Corner File

splinefile "UNSET" //default
splinefile "C:\" //absolute
splinefile "YourMaps\" //relative for C:\Map2Curve\YourMaps\

A second input MAP-file containing at least 2 path_corner entities can be attached to the current curve project to act as a source for:

  1. Curve Framework
    Just like the Pi- and grid-circle, a path can be used as a framework for your curve.
    Currently there are 2 path extrusion methods: Simple and Precise.
  2. Section Height (Height Curve „Path_Corner“)
    A path can also act as a height-source for the curves sections. When there are fewer corners than sections available, the height-curve will simply start over.

Creating paths for an extrusion

First and last path_corner have to share the same location to form a loop!

Corners can have different z-coordinates.

Via your editors path tool

You can create path_corners using the available path-tool of your editor.
Each path should have a unique name to be considered as separate.
Export the current level as map file to convert the path into path_corners.

A simple path created with the Hammer editors path tool

Manually by creating/cloning path_corners

Paths can also be created manually by just adding one path_corner to the scene and cloning it continuously while forming a path. No names are necessary this way.

When using this method it is not possible to add new corners inside of a finished path, only at its end! Use the path-tool of your favorite editor to be more flexible.

Manually creating path_corners by cloning
The resulting curve of figure 1

General Path Operations

Split up path

p_split 0

Will split up curve sections that belong to solid entities into smaller groups, based on orientation (up, down, left, right), so the curve object is easier to handle.

Path Split Active

Reverse path

p_reverse 0

Reverses path direction.

Path Reverse Active
Path Reverse Inactive

Even out corner density

p_evenout 0

The paths density of corners will be evened out, based on the distance between its 2 closest path_corner-entities. Only new corners are created, original corners will be left untouched.

Corner fix

p_cornerfix 0

Re-arranges inwards corners for path extrusion objects, to avoid overlapping meshes.

  • Might lead to unclean geometry and texture align at the moment.
  • Only recommended in certain situations.
Path Cornerfix Active


Expand path

p_expand 0

The path will be expanded by value in game units based on 2 consecutive sections at a time. Height information (Z-coordinate) is being preserved.

Scale path

p_scale "0 0 0"

The respective path will be scaled by X, Y and Z with the paths center as the transformation origin.