Blender 3D: Align Raster Graphic to Path

A little tutorial at the side for anybody who wondered how to seamlessly align a raster graphic to a path. I’ve googled it and after a while I gave up to find a software that is actually able to do it just like this. By just like this I mean seamlessly and without any major distortions or gaps or whatever.

In Blender it works like this:

  1. Create the texture mesh and add your texture, a UV map and enough subdivisions to it. There’s no need for a subdivision modifier.

    First: Array
    – Fit Type: Fit Curve (add the Curve you will create in the next step)
    – Activate Merge

    Second: Curve
    – Object (add the Curve you will create in the next step)


  3. At the same coordinates (important!), create a path and shape it the way you need it.
    Data-Properties (little path symbol in the object-properties menu):
    Activate Bounds Clamp
    Activate Stretch
    – Raise resolution of Active Spline


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