Soldier Character Textures

Finished the textures for a soldier model today. I made all of the textures, except the gloves. The model is going to be used in a friends Half-Life mod project.

It took me a bit more than a week to finish it. This was the first time I actually created a character texture in Photoshop, both clothes and face.

First blood!

Hey there boys and girls!

Like I already stated in the About section, this will be my new playground to publish articles and media concerning my current projects or those, in which I am involved.
I hope to be less focused on the webdesign and more on the actual thing.

First thing first: I’ve finished a piece of software I was working on for the past 8 months or so. Something I always wanted to have, a tool that can actually generate and texturize circular shapes for the quake map format. But not any circular shapes. These don’t need to be made of triangles! Yes, that’s right. There are a few downsides of course, but otherwise this is kind of a holy grail, so I am really happy to share it with the remaining mapping community.

See for yourself…