Map2Curve v0.8 released

Have fun, hope you like it!
No more words. I am tired.


Feature Overview

If you want to read more about the changes and additions, head over to the 0.8 Readme.

New graphical user interface

No bad excuses anymore why you didn’t curvify your maps, thanks to the shiny new GUI I clobbed together in a few months.

It can do almost anything that is necessary to generate curves with Map2Curve without the need of creating your own preset-files.

New texture stretch setting and more

Among other texture related features it is now possible to stretch textures to the curve either adaptively or by a fixed amount.

New height curves and height calculation

I added new height curves with a few functions from and overhauled the way those are being distributed among the sections. It now works the way it should.

Furthermore height is now being specified by the total distance instead of per step.

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